From Chaos to Capability

WiseDesign is built on over 30 years of thought leadership in all aspects of informatics. We have intimate knowledge of the best practices for developing solutions for the digital business. 



What's the Purpose?

Having a high-level roadmap is only the beginning of accomplishing your mission. We work with our clients to identify the elements of the activities they perform and the purpose of those activities. Then we ask who is responsible for those activities, which information is required or produced by each, and when they must be performed. We use an industry-leading methodology and supporting software product to develop models of this mission architecture that are graphical, easily understood, and invite collaboration. These models provide all of the stakeholders with a clearly-understood graphical model of what must be done. Behind the graphics is a powerful XML engine that allows us to pull the information to align other initiatives. Frequently those initiatives include:

  • Gaining agreement of stakeholders 
  • Informing the Next-Generation software efforts 
  • Ensuring consistency between logical and physical data models
  • Capturing business rules
  • Clearly defining elements of complex implementations in a way that is clearly understood at all levels of the organization
  • Assisting internal project managers develop and maintain standard operating procedures that are consistent and are integrated with all aspects of the business

The Elements of Success

All organizations want to successfully execute on their mission. Achieving this goal requires the elements of purpose, process, knowledge, information, and technology working in harmony to provide the platform on which people can execute on mission. We work with our clients to establish a roadmap to mission success that is purpose driven and identifies the critical elements essential to accomplish their mission.

Thought Leadership

The work we do is guided by the thought leadership of Dr. Jack Jones. Dr. Jones was the CIO for the National Institutes of Health, and is acknowledged across HHS as a thought leader in life sciences informatics and management of IT organizations. Today he guides the WiseDesign team of business and data modelers, architects, and project managers through our rigorous processes to ensure that we meet the high quality expectations of our clients.

Data Should Provide Information

Organizations struggle with disparate data sources and databases that are not providing the insights possible with integrated data.

It has been our experience that highly technical data modelers develop data models that are clear to the technical staff but are a mystery to the subject matter experts. Software teams focus on the data essential to their individual project, not the organization’s overall data structure.

We use an industry-leading methodology and supporting software to help subject matter experts better organize their data and find agreement where it was previously not possible. We do this through the use of simple, English sentences that lead the subject matter experts to agreement on their data structures. While facilitating the SMEs we are developing the logical data model they can all understand and agree with.