Business Modeling That Captured Knowledge Leaving the Organization

Summary:  Business modeling solution used to capture knowledge that was leaving the organization; and did so in a way that invited others to understand and optimize processes.

It wasn't an unusual situation – one woman had developed all of the software the organization had used through her 30-year history with the organization.  But now it was time to develop a major Oracle application.  How to get the organizational knowledge out of her head and into something that would be more easily understood and used than a long, tedious document?  How to engage the business people so they could spot areas that could be improved before the new software was developed?  Sharon Jones used her facilitation skills and business modeling software to quickly develop models that everyone could understand.  In fact, some of the finance people came into the room during a presentation and they immediately saw improvements that could be made.  Sharon pulled in those suggestions "real time" and integrated them into the final report.

Hannah Cudal