Our Values: passionate, respectful, demanding, transparent, and fair.



We are passionate about the mission of our clients. We are completely focused on their success, knowing that in their success lies our own.


We respect one another, and that respect is seen in three ways:

  • Respectful Language: We do not use offensive language at on another nor in in the presence of our clients; even more importantly we do not use language that diminishes our colleagues.
  • Support Ideas: We value diversity of all aspects but especially of ideas; we work hard to understand another point of view. When in front of a client we will take notes if we find errors or areas where we disagree for later discussion. We will never “throw a colleague under the bus."
  • Emotionally Present: We will set aside the electronic tools when a colleague is speaking or we are in a meeting together or with our client. We make eye contact and, if appropriate, take notes on what they are communicating. We are listeners.


We employ the finest people and we are confident they will bring their best. We accept no less. 


We have an open, honest, trust-based work environment.


Fairness is our focus. We always seek the truth. We value fairness in all we do including employee to employer and employer to employee.